We are proud to announce our partnership with FanZone Ltd!


We are really proud to announce our partnership with FanZone Ltd and specifically for the project on PAOK FC in Thessaloniki (Greece).

FanZone choose PAOK because of the size of that football club and the fact that PAOK fans are one of the most famous in the world! The atmosphere, the passion, their loyalty to the club and the emblem…things that made the choice of the club just a simple decision.

We are really happy and proud to take the responsibility of the implementation of that project and we certainly believe that it will be an amazing experience for all of us!

FanZone is a social platform optimizing fans’ journey experience to the match in a fun and affordable way. PAOK always trying to give new incentives and help to their fans becomes the first Greek team that uses the service that appeals to fans, the FanZone.  The FanZone platform  is a service aimed exclusively in Greece for PAOK Fans, allowing them to optimize the experience of a trip having multiple benefits, more fun, but mostly making their journey to the stadium more economical, greener, more delightful avoiding the stress of traffic jams and parking!

PAOK fans can have the chance to download the app or to join on the platform and to travel with other fans to every match. They can share their car to the nearest fans and to travel to the stadium sharing at the same time the expenses, experiences and making their journey more fascinating and interesting.

We certainly believe that the PAOK fans will love it and our exciting journey has just started….!

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